League Rules

Ball Hockey rules are the same as Ice Hockey with one significant exception.  The rule that regulates offside in the offensive zone is called the “Floating Blue Line”.  Once a player has moved the ball over the blue line into the attacking zone, the attacking zone increases to include the entire opponent’s half of the rink.

Floating Blue Line Rule

We recommend Men or Women players be 18 YEARS OF AGE or older to participate.  Players under the age of 18 MUST have their Parents Signed Consent to participate.  The B.B.H.L. is NOT responsible for individuals who misinform the league about their age.

We are committed to provide our members with the best and safest environment as possible.  As a result Fighting and Major Penalties are NOT Tolerated and result in substantial suspensions or ejection from the league.

The B.B.H.L. rules are based on the C.B.H.A. Rules and Regulations Guide, please refer to it for a complete list.

Our league rules are always being updated so please contact us to get the most recent version. 

All Team Reps are given a copy of the BBHL Rules prior to play.  It is up to the team Rep to communicate all rules with each player on the team.

They will also be posted on the bulletin board at the Arenas.

Each staff member will have a copy of the rules on hand so that Referees and or Team Reps need to refer to them.

ANY Questions, concerns or inquiries about the rules can be made to or attend the League Meetings as this is where changes if any will be brought to the table.  After the league has started all rules are set and in place for the duration of the season.