Individual Registration Form

Team Registration Form

Please note our preferred method of payment is Etransfer, Cheque or Cash. 


You can also call the office to pay by credit card or use the Pay Pal options below (add 3% for CC or Paypal Payments). 


Women's League-Team Deposit $600 + 3%

Women's League-Individual $155 + 3%

Men's League-Team Deposit $600 + 3%

Men's League-Individual $155 + 3%

For ALL Early Bird discount payments, please CALL the office!

 We only accept Cash, Cheque or Etransfer for Early Bird registrations.  


In consideration of your participation in the Burlington Ball Hockey League as a player, official or any other capacity, I, the undersigned, herebyrelease, discharge, relinquish, give up, forego, waive and otherwise completely exonerate the Burlington Ball Hockey League, its directors, officials,players, coaches, representatives, sponsors or others acting on behalf of the Burlington Ball Hockey League, of any liability, responsibility, culpability,or other basis upon which they may otherwise be liable for any such injury, illness, disability, incapacitation, death or other physical ailment which mightarise in connection with my participation in the Burlington Ball Hockey League activities.This is intended to be a full release, waiver and relinquishment, giving up, foregoing, and discharging any and all claims or damages of any kind,character or description against the Burlington Ball Hockey League and any of its agents, directors, officials or other acting on its behalf as might ariseduring or as a result of my participation in the activities of the Burlington Ball Hockey League and I further specially assume all risks arising as a resultof my participation in Burlington Ball Hockey League activities. I also permit the Burlington Ball Hockey League to use any photos, videos or anyother form of media of myself for promotional or advertising material.This instrument is signed by me voluntarily and I will hold all parties mentioned herein and each of them free and clear from any responsibility by anyreason of my participation or otherwise being involved in the Burlington Ball Hockey League and will hold each of the parties mentioned herein safeand otherwise harmless from any claims, court costs, attorneys’ fees or other expenses whatsoever caused by any suit or injury for damages brought by me or by anyone on my behalf.